Amenities and Questions about De Ark Guest House

What is the best time to visit Lydenburg in the Kruger Lowveld?

Lydenburg, on the Panorama Route in the Kruger Lowveld, has something for everyone all year round. Peak season is during the summer months from November until April when temperatures soar above 30 degrees celsius. During the winter months, temperatures drop to an average of about 18 degrees and visitors can then enjoy crackling fireplaces, red wine and game safaris.

How close is De Ark Guest House to the Kruger National Park?

We are 90 minutes’ drive from the closest gate to the Kruger National Park.

Is there any other activities near Lydenburg?

There are hundreds of places of interest on the Panorama Route within driving distance of Lydenburg. The Kruger Lowveld offers a host of natural attractions with adventure and leisure pursuits day trips away.

What does the rate include?

Rates at De Ark Guesthouse are on a bed and breakfast basis. Daily service of room and wi-fi is also included. Additional meals, drinks from the bar, laundry and off-site activities will be charged forHow can I make a payment?

We accept all the major credit cards, cash and electronic transfers

What is you smoking and alcohol policy?

We have a non- smoking and no-drinking policy in all the rooms. All outside spaces are available for smoking and the pub and garden for drinking alcohol.

Are children allowed at De Ark Guest House?

Children are welcome. Children under 12 will pay full price unless sharing with full paying adults. The rate is R150 per child per night

Are pets allowed at De Ark Guest House?

We have a no pet policy.

Is there wi-fi at De Ark Guest House?

Yes, there is complimentary wi-fi in close proximity to the main house.

Is there DSTV at De Ark Guest House?

Yes. Every room has a TV and a satellite dish.

Do you offer  parking?

Yes. We offer free off street parking

How far are you from town?

De Ark Guesthouse is situated in the centre of town within walking distance of most of the shopping centres and banking facilities.

What are the check-in/check-out times at De Ark Guest House?

Check-in is at 2pm and check-out time is at 10am.