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De Ark Guest House is ideally situated in the historic town of Lydenburg, at the foothills of the Long Tom Pass. The town of Lydenburg not only boasts fantastic sightseeing features, but is also situated in the heart of the Mpumalanga Province; which makes it only a stone throw away from some of the country’s most spectacular tourism attractions.

De Ark Guest House


De Ark Guest House is located next to the Voortrekker School and the Voortrekker Church; which was completed in 1851 and 1852 respectively. Also visible from De Ark is the magnificent Dutch Reformed church - completed in 1890, this spectacular church contains a pulpit which is the exact replica of the pulpit in the Mother Church of Stellenbosch. These buildings have been declared to be historic National Monuments. The town of Lydenburg is also home to the ZAR Post Box (which was erected in 1895), and the Powder Magazine - which dates back to 1890.

Further attractions include the Old Municipal’s Office (1918), the Old Magistrate’s Office (1899), and the Burger Montument, which commemorates the Anglo Boer War of 1899 to 1902.

A short drive from Lydenburg, on your way to Orighstad, you will find the Steenkamp Bridge. This bridge was part of the old road from Orighstad to Lydenburg, but it was not included in the construction of the new tarred road. A little further, you will find the Lydenburg Falls.
De Ark Guest House

Locations from De Ark

Due to the perfect location of De Ark Guest House, we invite you for an extended stay from where you can explore the picturesque Mpumalanga Province. Below you will find a list of the locations accessible from Lydenburg and De Ark Guest House.

Locations from De Ark

Sabie (Town) 54 km
Dullstroom (Town) 45 km
Nelspruit (City) 100 km
Pilgrim’s Rest (Historial Town) 58 km
Potholes (Tourist Attraction) 90 km
God’s Window (Tourist Attraction) 82 km
Kruger Park Gate (Kruger Park) 140 km
Orpen Gate (Kruger Park) 200 km

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